• X.OVER

    Gravel and Mountain Bikes as unique as those who ride them. Our X.Over series are multi-surface bikepacking bicycles that can be customized to suit a huge variety of styles and terrains, from an agile all-road bicycle for gravel roads to our loaded singletrack expedition bicycle for long-distance touring, and everything in-between. Have an adventure in mind? Choose the steel frame model that suits you best or configure the custom bike that will take you there and back again.

    Your loyal companion—day-in and day-out, through thick and thin. Count on the premium bikepacking bicycles with steel framesets, durable drivetrains, components, and lighting options of our Expedition series to withstand the harshest environments in the furthest reaches of the planet. What long-distance bike are you riding on your next dream adventure?

    Navigate life in your town, city, or metropolis with ease. Our urban bikes thrive in a variety of environments—ride to a bustling farmers markets, carve through busy streets, or detour through the green spaces and natural trails that make up today's urban landscapes. Our versatile city bikes carry the essentials, but they won't weigh you down. They keep you clean, dry, and spinning, are utterly dependable, and are assembled by hand just for you.