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Tribeca Xpress GT Select 3.1

Tribeca Xpress GT Select 3.1

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Take a shortcut through the park or just take the whole week off - just go and explore. The Tribeca Xpress GT is ready to take you outside your routines and far beyond your horizons. Because this bike is a real all-rounder: on the one hand, a city bike with a Pinion drive, but on the other hand, it is at home on all surfaces - from paved roads to gravel paths. The versatile 28-inch wheels are optimized for speed and efficiency, while the drop-style handlebars with Shift:R Road System enable smooth gear changes and a variety of comfortable riding positions. Enjoy years of worry-free driving thanks to the combination of Pinion transmission and Gates Carbon Drive. Have your bike individually equipped or choose one of our stylish Select models and take the Tribeca on roads away from the hustle and bustle of traffic.
Where does the Tribeca get its name? Tribeca, short for "Triangle Below Canal Street", is a district in the south of Manhattan in New York City. A hip neighborhood known not only for its stunning architecture and trendy cafes and restaurants, but also for its relaxed and eco-conscious lifestyle. A sought-after location for commuters who love urban life and cycling. 



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