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Nolita GT Select 4.3

Nolita GT Select 4.3

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The Nolita GT is a true pleasure for commuting - Take the long way home! This sporty bike accompanies you reliably in everyday life and on the weekend. It is a real 365-day bike, robust and safe in all weather conditions on the way to work and for sporty gravel tours. As a urban bike with Shimano GRX drivetrain, it feels at home on all surfaces, from paved streets to gravel roads.
The versatile 28-inch wheels ensure speed and efficiency, while the drop-style handlebars provide a sporty yet comfortable riding position. Customize your bike or choose one of our stylish Select models - with the Nolita GT, you'll explore roads away from the hustle and bustle of traffic and experience the freedom of cycling to the fullest.

Nolita - where does the name come from?
In Nolita, the hip NYC neighborhood, urban lifestyle meets bike culture. Explore the neighborhood on your bike, enjoying street art, trendy cafes and boutiques. The Nolita GT bike fits perfectly here: sporty for the city and adventurous for gravel tours on the weekend. A real treat to explore the neighborhood on two wheels. Take the long way home in Nolita!


Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

A SEAT TUBE LENGTH (mm) 490 530 570 610
A1 SEAT TUBE LENGTH (mm) 431 471 512 552
B TOP TUBE LENGTH (mm) 535 555 575 595
C HEAD TUBE LENTH (mm) 125 150 175 200
D CHAINSTAY LENGTH (mm) 435 435 440 440
E WHEELBASE (mm) 1010 1030 1045 1060
F BOTTOM BRACKET DROP (mm) 70 70 70 70
G HEAD TUBE ANGLE (*) 71 71 71.5 71.5
H SEAT TUBE ANGLE (*) 73 73 72.5 72
I STACK (mm) 562 585 611 635
J REACH (mm) 363 376 382 389
K STAND OVER CLEARANCE (mm) 766 797 829 859
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