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The latest generation of power supply. The Plug6 Plus delivers enough power even under the most difficult charging conditions - whether on a long trip around the world or in everyday life.

Compact and powerful
The new design makes the Plug6 head a real eye-catcher and the improved rotary door lock makes operating the USB port a real pleasure. The protection cap supplied as standard also protects it from external influences. If you look under the hood, the Plug6 Plus offers much more. The fully encapsulated electronics reliably protect the plug against environmental influences. It automatically detects when the light is switched on and acts dynamically with the end device to get the optimal charging current from the dynamo. The Power Module provides enough power even when driving very slowly and even when stationary, so that the end device continues to be charged. This means that even power-hungry devices can be buffered with up to 1200mA.

Protected according to IP65
In order to ensure the functionality of the Plug6 Plus even under the most adverse conditions, both the power module and the top cap were subjected to numerous tests in an external test laboratory. The result: Dust and heavy rain can no longer harm the Plug6 Plus, as it meets the requirements of the IP65 protection class.

• Compatible with 1-1/8" forks with top headset cup (tapered or straight)*
• Connectivity: USB-C standard
• Protected from dust and water jets (tested according to IP65 standard)
• Dimensions (Power Module): ( L x W) 160 mm x 24.0 mm
• Operating range: -15°C to 60°C
• Input: AC from the dynamo
• Max output: 1.2Ah
• Battery Specs: 1100mAh LiFePo
• Weight: 195 g including all components

* The fork must also have an inner shaft diameter of 24.1 mm. There must be sufficient shaft length and the fork must be open at the bottom or alternatively have internal cable routing.
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